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Paradox: chapter 2 by UnlawfulOrder Paradox: chapter 2 by UnlawfulOrder
The city was trashed, the gates were bent and broken and homes were either burnt down or black with suit from the other houses. The area looked as if it went up in flames a while ago, but nopony bothered to repair the sight. She looked at the castle, it wasn’t any better, but it wasn’t any worse either. The water fall seemed to have dried up or had been blocked, either way, it wasn’t running into the town, no wonder the place had burned.
Liz leaped over the gates, careful to land quietly incase there were more of those monsters around. She was right to do so, but it didn’t seem to matter about the noise, the beings wondered around anyway as if they were looking for something. Some turned her way and began stumbling in her direction, she recognized the armor, some were the royal guards of the princesses, others were night watchers or regular citizens. Liz lift herself off the ground and headed for the castle, she knew there would be more of them there because of the high security the princesses always had, but she had to be sure they were all right.
She flew through one of the broken stained glass windows and into one of the many hallways of the castle. No monsters, at least in this hallway, because of that she was able to walk for a bit, seeing a while ago the Pegasus ponies didn’t seem able to fly, or strong enough to.
She quickly made her way into the throne room, running into monsters here and there. The aura of the room was eerie and unpleasant, it smelled as if somepony had just struck a match, but it didn’t seem to bother Liz, she just wanted to find the princesses. She searched the room, every little detail, but she could hardly find any real evidence that they were here until she went to the throne itself. She really didn’t want to mess with it, but she did anyway. She put her hoof on the cushion of the throne, it was warm, indicating that someone must have been sitting in the throne only moments before.
“Whoever it was, they must’ve left by now anyways.” She turned around and gasped at the dark figure in front of her. She was bruised and cut in various places and her eyes seemed tired and droopy yet angry and curious all at the same time. Her crown and boots shimmered a light blue in the small rays of the moon, Liz looked up to her and could see that it was Luna herself.
“What do thou seek here? We have nothing that should be of interest to thee.” She seemed angry when she spoke.
“I came here to see what had become of the princesses, you and your sister. I woke up here hours ago and I have no clue what happened here. Could you tell me where I am?” Liz asked. Luna looked at her, it wasn’t a nice look either.
“I could, but I won’t, seeing as how thou came to “check” on my sister and me, how would I not know that thou ‘tis the reason for this mess, and you only came here to see if we had passed.”
“Why would I do that? I hardly know what’s going on myself. Why would somepony want you dead?”
“To rule of course, even somepony with the slightest bit of sense would know that, knowing that neither my sister nor I have heirs to the throne.”
“And you would be telling me this why? If I didn’t know that then why would I be the one causing all this then?”
“So thou are the reason!” Luna glared at her, and took a step toward Liz.
“I am not, I already told you what had happened to me.”
“Then why are you here?” Luna asked. Liz smacked herself in the face with a front hoof, ‘Had she not been listening to me?’ she sighed angrily, despite the fact that Luna was a princess and it was not proper to disrespect royalty, Liz wasn’t gonna sit around all day repeating herself.
“Could you just take me to your sister? She might actually have a clue about what’s going on.”
“And why would I do that?”
“Because I want to help.” Luna blinked, sighed, turned around and headed for the two giant metal doors that lead out into the hallway from the throne room. Liz followed her, “So WOULD you tell me what’s going on?”
“I can’t, remember? I don’t have a clue ‘tis going on.” Luna said, her face expressionless, but her tone somewhat angry.
Luna lead her to a small chamber deep with the belly of the castle. In it, some food, water, some beds and Celestia herself. “Sister, this commoner wishes to speak with you.” Celestia lifted her head from the bedding and looked at the young red alicorn, her eyes widened.
“Liz.” She said, her voice quiet but still friendly. “Where have you been?” she lifted herself up onto her legs, she was dirty, tired and depressed.
“Princess, what happened here? Would you tell me?” Celestia walked over to Liz, and looked at her, through her eyes.
“You haven’t aged a day.” She whispered. Liz took a step back.
“Princess, please.” Celestia rose her head and turned back to the bedding.
“I can’t, I can’t tell you much. But I can only tell you what I know.” She lay down.
“That’d be good enough for me.”
“Come.” She said, and Liz lay in front of her. Luna lay in the other bed, listening. “I guess this started around 50 years ago, maybe more, maybe less. Discord became trapped in his statue.” She stopped to think for a moment. “I guess something ticked in the ponies when he attacked, because when we were through with him, the atmosphere changed. It wasn’t as happy as it used to be, and it began getting worse and worse. Something like this happened a while back, a time ago. I don’t remember much of what happened, it had affected me as well, but I do remember this young pegasus and some sort of “force”, they seemed to be fighting whatever caused the wave of depression, and succeeded. We were happy for a while, a long while, things went again back to the way they were, and then a while later they started to fall, and we were stuck like this. Luna and I went into hiding here, because the ponies would start attacking us. And-” Liz couldn’t really understand what she was saying, she kept stammering and getting off track, it didn’t seem like she was able to think straight. But she thought she had the main idea. She interrupted the princess.
“Pardon the interruption, Princess, but force? What exactly do you mean by that?”
“I’m not sure. The young Pegasus just had another presence with him, one that I’m not really familiar with. I was watching from my window, but I could hardly see it.”
“Do you might have an idea of what caused this?”
“I’m not sure about that either.”
“I had seen some sort of presence in the forest earlier, it looked as if it was feeding off of something in a healthy pony, could that have been it? I’m pretty sure that presence had something to do with this, it was unworldly.”
“I just don’t know, with what has been going on there have been a lot of unworldly things happening. We’re just lucky we’re safe, it truly does break my heart to see things like this happen, but it seems there is nothing I can do about it, it’s just not in my reach.”
“What did the presence look like?” Luna spoke up finally, she seemed a little interested.
“I didn’t get a good look at it, I chased it away from the pony, I know it was able to fly with a lot of wing power, it had spines on It’s wings. Uh, um, it looked like a female with a dark pelt and a bent horn.”
“I saw something along the lines of that in the city a few days ago, at first I thought it was Chrysalis because of the bent horn and dark pelt, but Chrysalis doesn’t wear what I saw the other one wearing, and Chrysalis has more holes in her horn, and different wings. We might actually be dealing with another threat to Equestria.”
“Oh dear, like we need another one of those.” Celestia sighed.
“Could I help with anything? What if I catch her?” Luna looked at Liz.
“Well, if she is from another world, how would you catch her? Think about it.”
“If she’s not? I’ve seen lots of creepy stuff in my lifetime, but you two are older and have probably seen more, honestly, there has to be some occasion like this one that was easier to handle.”
“Could you catch her?” Celestia asked. “We need answers, and help.”
Luna smirked. “You don’t make any sense, neither of you. Don’t you think we should learn more about her or where she probably came from and what she might be able to do before actually throwing ourselves at her? I’m sure there has to be some sort of book written about things like this, or things like her. We hold all books ever written in this castle, and there isn’t even one that could tell us about a creature like her?” Celestia glared at her.
“I don’t want to put any of us in any kind of danger, but if you want to go to the library and find out, be my guest. Just be careful about the monsters that roam around every part of the castle.” Cesestia said to her sister. Liz kinda zoned out while the princesses started and continued to argue. It was a while before she spoke up.
“What happened to the waterfall?” she asked. The princesses fell silent for a moment.
“It stopped. Something is blocking it, but we haven’t gotten to see what it is yet.”
“Why don’t we go out now? We all can fly, the monsters can’t. It’s be one less thing to worry about if we just get whatever is blocking it outta the way. I noticed when I first came in here practically everything was burnt, that would be because there was no water running through the land to moisten it, right?” Luna looked at Celestia.
“True, but not all of us can fly, Sister’s been worn out because of all that has been happening, her wings refuse to carry her.”
“Then you and I just go, what if the land caught fire again and the castle burned down because you didn’t?”
“Fine, I’ll go.” They opened the doors and shut them again so the monsters would not be able to get to Celestia and made their way outside.
The waterfall was indeed blocked by something, a boulder probably that had fallen from the mountain behind the castle. They flew higher and looked behind the giant rock, water, tons of it. Both landed on an opposite side of the lake and used their magic to brake apart the bolder. Water came rushing out from behind, roaring past and falling fast down to the dried up lake that reside beneath. Droplets of water sprinkled on Liz’s face, it was refreshing, especially since everything else was dry, including her own mouth. She stuck her tongue out in hopes of getting a small drink of the clean water.
Luna screamed, loud enough for Liz to hear it over the water roaring past, the water calmed down to its normal depth and Liz was able to see why she screamed. Another hoard was closing in on her, she was kicking and attempting to get away, but she was being held down by some of them clamping their smiling mouths on her back hooves, tail and mane, holding her down. Liz rushed over to her side but she was caught herself in a monster’s jaw, another hoard behind him. It appeared the sound of the water attracted them. Liz back-hoofed his forehead and flew to Luna. She tore the monsters off of her body while being attacked by them at the same time. Some on the other side attempted to cross the river and ended up being swept away by the current, others, succeeded. One by one they toppled themselves over their prey and began to overwhelm Luna and Liz. It seemed now, that they were done for.
The monsters bodies seemed to lighten, Liz opened an eye to see in amazement, that they were getting off. She stood up and shook herself off, Luna did the same. They looked each other over, no bite marks, just a few cuts and bruises.
“ ’Twas that about? They just left us.”
“I’m not sure.” They watched as the monsters climbed down the stairs of the mountain. It gave Liz a moment in her thoughts, she wondered what they wanted, since they always wandered about looking for something, it seemed. ‘They had finally gotten us, but left us when we were done for. Were we not their target? What is then?’
“Let us go.” Luna said, interrupting Liz’s thoughts. They did what they came to do, so they flew back to the castle and entered through the broken hallway window. As they made their way to the safe room, the monsters now seemed to pay no mind to them.
They entered, and told Celestia what had happened. “Interesting.” She said. “They seem as if they are blind, could they have thought you were something they were looking for?”
“Maybe, Sister.”
“I’m a little surprised, and disappointed at the same time.” Liz said.
“Why is that.?”
“Last time I was attacked, this morning when I had first arrived, a call came from the forest that stopped the monsters from harming me. I thought that when Luna was being attacked we would hear it again, and find out who made it. They could prove useful if they had the ability to control the monsters.” Liz looked at her front hooves.
“True.” Said Luna. “But it came from the forest? Could you have mistaken it for a Timberwolf? The monsters just could’ve heard it as a threat and retreated.”
“No, this was no Timberwolf.”
“Okay then, if it was in the forest, why don’t you go look? You seem to be able to handle yourself, if you find the caller, capture them, and bring them here.” Liz nodded. She went outside the doors and flew through the throne room window, she knew where she wanted to start off looking. ‘the cave behind the waterfall.’ She had never seen that before in the Everfree Forest, it looked suspicious to her, and a place that that the same eerie feel as the character she was chasing earlier had to somehow be connected to her.
She found the cave, the same bright, faded rainbow stretch across the scenery, she walked in. Except the mouth of the cave where the light came through the water, the rest of the cave was dark. She looked further in it, using her magic aura to light some of the way, considering is wasn’t all that bright. She saw some food, some blankets, lights, the area actually seemed kind of homely when she looked farther into it.
Liz’s left ear turned and twitched, someone was in here. She turned her head to see a dark figure staring at her with one, bright red dragon’s eye.

Liz belongs to :iconlizwhitewolf:
Luna, Celestia, basicly all the original characters that you see in the show that are in here belong to :iconfyre-flye:
Aysu belongs to me.
Longer chapter, and Im not sure how it will look when I submit it so I apologize if its hard to read..
I really didn't want to do a picture for this one, I did, but got bored with it in the middle so I just drew Aysu/Kakabel on MS PAINT with a mouse instead..


chapter 1 [link]

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chapter 3 [link]
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